Jackie's Hotwife Hotel Bio
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My husband Jason and I are so excited to have our Hotwife Hotel site up. He asked me to put a little bio together so that you can get a better idea of who I am. I hope I don't bore you too much with all this stuff.

Let’s see, a bio...of course the first thing that cums to mind is that A&E program “Biography,” with Jack Perkins. I can just imagine that classy and dignified gray haired gent introducing my segment...“Jackie, known to many on the internet as “My Hot Wife,” will no doubt be remembered for her adventures as a married woman meeting men other than her husband for sex in hotel rooms all over Southern California. Let’s take a look at Hot Wife Jackie now.”

When the video rums ...you would see a non-descript hotel room, curtains drawn. We hear a rhyhmic squeeking sound that seems to be emitting from bedsprings being pushed to their limits over and over. We also hear the sound of a woman voice repeating little cries and moans that seem to be in tandem with the squeeking bed sounds. The camera moves in on a long haired brunette woman who is hanging on to the broad shoulders of a well-toned young man. The womans legs are wrapped around the man whos' hard cock is driving in and out of her pussy. The man's muscles ripple as he fucks her for all she’s worth, as if it were an Olympic sport. Hmmm, now that would boost those summer Olympic ratings!

Jacke Perkins would entone..."Well that's a look at Jackie a Hot Wife enthusiasticlly enjoying her hobby today, quite exciting. But Jackie was not always this creature seemingly created to fuck and to please the sexual desires of men. Let's look back now."

If actual footage of my life existed, the first 35 years would not hold any one’s interest any more than watching footage of someone changing a tire by the side of the road.

Although I was somewhat flirtatious as a teenage girl, I was actually quite chaste until after I graduated high school. I wouldn’t put out to the disappointment of several 17 and 18 year old guys whom I sent home at midnight with raging hard-ons, no matter how much they begged and pleaded. When I finally did lose that Precious cherry, I didn’t really understand what all the fuss was about. I just didn’t get sex and spent much of my twenties as a passive sex partner, sometimes even falling asleep during intercourse. Really, I could take it or leave it and often felt sex to be a chore that came after doing the dishes and feeding the dogs.

Sometime in my thirties I had an epiphany and realized that I wasn’t getting any younger and as far a sex was concerned, maybe I wasn’t getting much out of it because I wasn’t giving much. I hadn’t really been giving at all, and I didn’t want to grow old wondering what I’d missed all those years, like the feeling of orgasming simultaneously with a big cock cumming in your pussy, or how it feels to have your G-spot massaged, or what a thrill it is to masturbate for your lover. I became determined to learn to be involved and make sex a lot more fun for Jason and myself.

My husband was all for nurturing my new sexual interest. He rented X-rated films for us to watch together, bought a variety of dildos to try out on me, began talking dirty while we were having sex (using words like pussy and cock which I’d never even heard in person before), and then he became even more daring, taking pictures of us as his big dick slid in and out of my ever more wet and excited twat. Everything my ambitious husband tried was a success, but this last picture takeing endeavor marked our entre into a brand new sexual universe.

The thrill we experienced looking at our fucking pictures caused us to jump back into the bedsheets for another round of even hotter sex, something we’d never done before. We snapped and snapped and actually began to believe that maybe our pics were hot enough to share with other people who had similar interests. Thus, our debut on the Hot Wife Forum, as well as posting to news groups and eventually starting our own websites. Jason and I receive letters everyday asking how we got started doing what we do so I hope this gives you some idea.

"Yeah," you may say. "Lots of folks take pics but what about you fucking other men? How did that happen?"
As for my further adventures involving sex with other men, that seemed a natural evolution of my sexual growth over the past year or so. It began as a curiosity and has developed into a full-blown obsession. Sometimes I wonder if possibly I’m addicted to fucking men other than my husband, men I barely know. There is such a rush of excitement I won’t even attempt to describe it here. My husband assures me there’s absolutely no need for a twelve step program as of yet (I think he enjoys me being with my lovers almost more than I do!) I did, however, write a complete story about my first hotwife experience called The Making of A Hot Wife which will be posted in its entirety on the Jackie Pics & Sories page.

For anyone who may be interested, here are a few basics about me; I’m 5’7”, 118 pounds of well-toned and worked out flesh and muscle, fighting 40 with tooth and nail, 36-25-36, with legs to die for (or so I’ve been told), long brown hair and brown eyes. I love to cook and as soon as I’m done here I’ll begin some serious research for an authentic Coq Au Vin recipe. But the truth is, I love all domestic chores (I could’ve been a maid. A five star hotel maid of course).

I fuss and feed and prune and talk to my roses, love to watch sunsets at the beach, read about and enjoy tasting French and Italian wines, go gaga listening to the fabulous movie scores of John Barry, and adore watching awesome films and then arguing about what they really mean with anyone who’s willing to take me on. Recently I’ve begun to write poetry about hard cocks, and of course, my favorite way to pass the time is fucking, fucking, and, well, more fucking.

I hope I haven’t babbled on too much! I’m constantly turned on by the excitement of finding a new lover and posting pics of my naughty hotwife adventures for all to enjoy. I hope you get half as much out of it as I do! And please keep in touch, I love to read your mail, even if it does take me a few days to answer back.
Thanks for taking the time to visit our site!
luv, jackie